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Why Is Breast Milk So Important For Babies?

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Medical experts recommend breastfeeding a newborn baby for at least one year. They recommend only breast milk for the newborn for at least 6 months and breast milk coupled with other foods for another 6 months.

Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for your newborn. It has a perfect mix of all nutrients your baby needs to grow. Breast milk contains protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and antibodies to fight off viruses and bacteria. Breast milk comes in a formula that is easily digestible compared to various infant formulas. Why is breastmilk so important for babies?

Breast milk reduces disease risk in the newborn. The latest research shows that exclusive breastfeeding may reduce your baby’s risk of many diseases and illnesses such as:

. Respiratory tract infection – If you exclusively feed your baby breast milk for at least 4 months, it will reduce your baby’s risk of being hospitalized for respiratory tract infections by up to 72%.

. Middle ear infection – Three months of exclusive breastfeeding may reduce the baby’s risk of middle ear infections by up to 50%.

. Gut health – Breastfeeding reduces the risk of gut infections by 64%.

. Childhood leukemia – Breast milk will reduce the risk of childhood leukemia in your infant by at least 20%. It should be done for 6 months or longer.

boost breast milBreast milk helps prevent childhood obesity and promote a healthy weight in your child. The latest research reveals obesity rates are 30% lower in breastfed kids compared to babies that are formula-fed. The duration of breastfeeding is also important in this regard. Each month you breastfeed your child, your child’s risk of obesity goes down by at least 4%. Breastfed babies have more beneficial gut bacteria compared to formula-fed babies. This facilitates fat storage in your baby’s body.

Breast milk can make your kid smarter. The physical intimacy, touch, and eye contact when breastfeeding the baby help accelerate brain development. The latest studies have revealed breastfed babies have higher intelligent scores compared to formula-fed kids. These kids are less likely to develop problems with learning and behavior as they grow up.

Medical experts recommend breastfeeding your baby for at least a year. They recommend breast milk exclusively for 6 months and breast milk with other foods for another 6 months. This is important for the healthy growth of your kid. The aforementioned article provides information on why is breastmilk so important for babies.

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