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Colon Care – The Basics – Part 2

Colon Care & Fiber

Many colon problems are caused by waste buildup inside your colon.

This can lead to numerous health issues and can greatly damage your digestive system.

To get that waste matter out of there naturally, you should consume fiber regularly. If you make fiber a regular part of your diet, you can avoid having to use colon cleansers, enemas, and other unpleasant colon products.

colon care fiberFiber helps food move along your digestive tract and clean up your colon from the waste that accumulates there.

Just try to incorporate a high-fiber food into at least one of your meals every day. This allows you to have regular bowel movements and ensure your colon stays clean.

Fibrous foods include prunes and raisins, peas, legumes, pasta, granola, numerous leafy vegetables, brown rice and much more. Here is a link to some other High Fiber Foods (20 High Fiber Foods – Health.com).

People who make fiber a part of their regular intake experience far less constipation than those who don’t.

They also digest and process food more easily and get rid of unhealthy toxins from their body in a timely manner.

The recommended daily dose of fiber for each day is about 25-35 grams.

Just check the fiber content on the foods you are eating to see how close you are to reaching this ideal amount.

Another ‘short & sharp’ post about you & your colon health.

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