Hemorrhoids – Are YOU Making Them Worse?

Hemorrhoids can be a terrible problem.

They can be Embarrassing.

They can be Uncomfortable.

They can be Painful.


…..Are YOU making them WORSE?


making piles worse inactivity


The following article goes through a few points that you need to read to make sure you are not aggravating them….& if so.

What can you do to help?


Can you ‘Help’ your Hemorrhoids with Minor Changes?

Of course, when I say ‘Help’

I don’t really mean help them…

We want to help you get rid of them!

It’s not all about Pills, Lotions & Creams, although there are great remedies, going forward you also need to take action in stopping them coming back!

There are quite a few very simple ‘Life Tweaks’ that you can try that will help. The more you do, the greater the effect that will have combined.


First Things First – Deal with them!

This may sound obvious…but it’s true.

Get a treatment from your local pharmacy, Doctor or Go Online.

Purchase a product that deals & treats your Hemorrhoids & then start making changes to make sure they do not return


Second Things Second…..Make Changes!

The following are things that you can do, that will help. You may be doing all, some or none of them already, but read through this article to make sure:



Inactivity is a huge cause of chronic hemorrhoids.

Exercise promotes regularity of bowel movements.

If you are inactive, try to make an effort to be active for at least a half an hour a day. Even if this means something as simple as going for a long walk after dinner each day, it will still help immensely.

Walking is good for you on SO many other levels anyway that you should be doing this already


Desk Job & Sitting

This links to the above, but wanted to add it in again in case you ‘skipped’ the above!

Your job/lifestyle may mean you are sat for long periods if so, try to get up & walk a bit every hour, even if it for just a few minutes.

This helps with blood flow & takes the pressure off your abdomen a bit.

Again, I know I have said it….Go For A Walk!! Use your lunch to walk somewhere rather than eat at your desk.
The same goes for people who are at home a lot, try & get moving. Walking, swimming, running, whatever you can manage.

Something is better than nothing.



Constipation & Hemorrhoids can go ‘hand in hand’. You can’t go to the loo, you push too hard & therefore you help create them in the 1st place, or make them worse. Here is a short video explaining what causes constipation:

If you suffer from constipation a lot, go see your Doctor. As with most things, if they are persistent go & get it checked out first.

If not, then maybe get something ‘to get you moving’. Again, go & see your Pharmacy, Supermarket,  Doctor or Go Online for solutions

The other end of this spectrum is that Diarrhea can cause hemorrhoids, this tends to be less common as an ongoing condition & is usually linked with an upset stomach or stomach bug. But again, as with all ‘symptoms’, if this is persistent, then seek medical advice.



Drink Water!!

You should be doing this already for 1,001 different health reasons. If not, do it to help get rid of your Hemorrhoids! See the video below to see exactly how important drinking water & staying hydrated is!.

The more you drink…the softer your stools…the less you have to push…the less you aggravate your Hemorrhoids. Simple.

8 glasses is the recommended amount to drink a day (2 liters).

*Top Tip* – I just get a 2-litre bottle & fill it up every day & make sure I drink that volume throughout the day. Simple but very effective.


Get More Fiber Into Your Diet

This has the same effect as water.

The more fiber you eat…..the looser your stools…the less you have to push…the less you aggravate your Hemorrhoids.

Here is a short video explaining why fiber in your diet is so important

Fiber comes in all sorts of forms – Fruits, Vegetables (they have to be firm’ish after cooking), Beans, Wholemeal, Oatmeal, Nuts, Brown Rice, Bran cereal……& Popcorn!!! (see, it’s not all bad!)


In Summary:

We have looked briefly to see if you are making your Hemorrhoids worse & the following is your ‘Checklist’ of Actions:

Stage 1 – Deal with them – Go to your Pharmacy, Doctor or Go Online

Stage 2 – Make Changes once they are treated

    1. If InActive – Move!
    2. If sitting at Desk/Sofa – Move!
    3. If Constipated – Get a Remedy (Pharmacy, Doctor or Online)
    4. Drink Water!
    5. Eat More Fibre

I feel sure you will have heard all this advice before if you are a Hemorrhoid Sufferer & have done your research. But there is no harm in going over it all again. I just hope that it sinks in!!

Thanks for Reading.

We have reviewed one of the better-known solutions – Venapro. Click the link to see my review.

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