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What Foods Affect Virility Most? We Have Some Answers!

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Studies show that diet has a significant effect on overall health and wellbeing, including virility, but what foods affect virility the most? If we want to make sure that we are enjoying the best life that we can have, including in the bedroom, what should we be eating?

Healthy Diet

It’s fair to say that eating a healthy diet is important because that will support the blood supply and hormones that we need to feel healthy and to have energy that we can take into our love lives. Beyond simply eating ‘healthily’, though, what foods affect virility? Here are a few suggestions for simple things to include in your diet for a bit of a boost:

Drinking Coffee

Men who consume 85 to 170mg of caffeine per day, which is roughly what is found in 2-3 cups of coffee, are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. So, your morning coffee may be having more benefits than you think!

Oily Fish

Fish contain healthy fats which are important for hormone production. Consuming fish can help to improve your fertility.

Get Basil In Your Cooking

This versatile herb helps to improve your circulation and is good for your heart too. Better circulation means increased arousal and libido.

Low-Calorie Watermelon

There is a compound in watermelon called citrulline, which helps trigger your blood vessels to relax in much the same way that Viagra does. So, snacking on watermelon could help your performance in the bedroom. What’s more, watermelon is low calorie, so you can eat lots of it without having to worry about the impact on your waistline.

Celery – Walnuts – Tomatoes

– Celery: While celery is not the most glamorous of foods (and it is also something that is a ‘love it or hate it’ snack), it does pack a punch. Celery contains androsterone, which is a male sex pheromone. When exposed to it, females are more likely to be flirtatious. In addition, ingesting androsterone can increase your own arousal.

– Walnuts: Nuts are rich in healthy fats, much like fish, which means that they can help to improve the production of essential hormones, including testosterone. Women can benefit from consuming healthy fats in moderation for similar reasons to men.

– Tomatoes: Men who consume more than 10 servings of tomatoes a week are 18 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer. The reason for this is that tomatoes contain lycopene, which is an antioxidant which helps to reduce cell damage.

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