Venapro – Hemorrhoid Cure? – My Own Honest Review

by Jerry Free on December 23, 2013


Official Website -


**(Updated – 22nd April 2014 – It has worked for me & have just ordered some more as a backup, just in case they ever come back. I have updated the review below accordingly)**

Worried about your hemorrhoids? Need to get it sorted?

I am guessing you are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

Heard of Venapro & want to find out more?

Venapro has been around for quite some time, so as someone that suffers, I thought I should give it a closer look & see for myself if what I had read was true. So I bought it & here is my findings & review.

I have been learning video recording & YouTube, so thought I would try & put together a little video summary of my blog (see below)…it’s my 1st attempt! Don’t laugh….Speilberg had to start somewhere!


What Is Venapro?

Venapro reviewIt is an all natural and very unique hemorrhoid product that treats the problem from a very different angle than the normal treatments.

If like me, you have had hemorrhoids before, then you may have tried some of the over the counter treatments that are available, none of which actually work to prevent hemorrhoids or to stop them from coming back. I wanted to find out if this was true.

Venapro claims you will be able to get rid of the immediate problem….but also stop them from coming back in the future.

The product is available online & the Co ships pretty much Worldwide (click a link to take you to their page & check the drop down box for your location).


What Does it Cost?

There is nothing worse than a review that gives no costs!…..or a landing page for a product where you have to enter your details to find this out!

So with that in mind…. I am in a position to let you know the costs exactly as I took a note when ordering!……I personally went for the 3 month’s supply initially.

1 Month’s Supply (1 Bottle) – $39.95    

3 Month’s Supply (2 Bottles + 1 Free) – $79.95      - 34% Saving

6 Month’s Supply (4 Bottles + 2 Free) - $119.95    - 50% Saving

All these prices are available direct from the Venapro Official Website



How Does It Work?

Venapro is a two-part program:

Part 1 – It starts with a colon supplement. These are in tablet form & contain various all natural ingredients in order to promote your colons health.

Part 2 – An Oral homeopathic spray. It just squirts under your tongue so it can be taken with you and used anywhere. This helps to treat the symptoms of pain, itching, bleeding, and swelling, they claim you will notice a difference very quickly.

The list of ingredients in both these products are all natural & all have proven to work; and in many cases they have been used to help treat hemorrhoids for hundreds of years.

Some of ingredients in this 2 Step System include:

Arnica Montana, Fluoride of Lime, St. Mary’s Thistle, Witch Hazel & Horse Chestnut + other herbal extracts.


What Do the Reviews Say About Venapro?

Like a lot of these type of online products, the sales pages come with various testimonials….now call me a cynic, I never really take much notice of them (I have included some below in case you do). I like to look around & find out more for myself…..which I guess is another reason you are reading this.

I always start with a Google search & look for various websites that I know & ‘listen to’, this is a good place to collate the reviews available. So this is what I have done & the results are below.

Like a lot of people, I just assumed that a remedy would be found in Dr prescribed medicine, suppositories & ointments, this is often the case….BUT also, like a lot of people, I find these solutions to be ‘aggressive’…..& wanted to find a ‘safe’ & ‘natural’ alternative.

Venapro is ‘safe & natural’ & the following are what I found people had to say about it (the 1st few are the Co’s own testimonials that I was talking about).

“I have had terrible itching and pain for weeks, but Venapro was the solution for me. This really works like it said.”  Steven, CA 

 “Out of all the hemorrhoid products I have taken, I would have to say that this has really worked the best. There are no side effects and it has prevented further outbreaks.”   Victor, FL 

“I don’t usually think that natural products work all that well, but I was wrong with this one. I am really pleased with how it got rid of the itching and pain.”  - Leonard, NC

“It works! I am so pleased I can’t tell you….” – Jerry (AKA – Me) – 22nd March 2014


Where Should You Buy This?

Make sure you get the genuine product,  buy it direct, here is the link I used to their website – Official Venapro Website.

I have made sure all the links on this page take you to the page that I ordered from.

Venapro, like many Co’s, always offer ‘packages’ where the more you buy, the more discount/freebies you receive. Just see the section above where I have collated all the pricing options. Like I said, I went for the 3 month supply when I ordered.


Going via official website will also qualify you for the ‘Money Back Guarantee’. Hopefully you won’t need it but at least you will know it is there.

For those of you a bit embarrassed about this condition, all products are despatched in plain brown packaging, stamped with ‘Ultra Herbal’ & a return address.


Does Venapro have Side Effects?

Venapro claims to be 100% safe & I personally had no issues when I started using it.

‘Venapro Hemorrhoid Formula’ and ‘Venapro Colon Cleanse’ are all natural, with no artificial chemicals, there are no known side effects for these products.

Due to this, you can also use it alongside ‘conventional’ hemorrhoid medicines/ointments if you wish, which will further aid the relief of the symptoms & enhance the chances & speed of a cure. This I thought was a massive advantage.

It claims to start working within 5 days.

Because this is not a topical treatment you are not required to apply anything directly onto your hemorrhoids, you can utilize both stages whenever and wherever you want.



It is 100% safe, uses natural ingredients & has undertaken clinical trials which show it  be highly effective. 

The 2 step treatment helps give relief without the need to apply anything directly to the Hemorrhoids & if you want the ‘Full on Attack’, you can still use ‘traditional’ Hemorrhoid treatments at the same time.Venapro Bottle

So a double attack with the added advantage of Venapro ability to stop them coming back….something the traditional solutions don’t offer. I have started to use it & will update here as to how I got on. (Update – 22nd April 2014) - It has worked for me & I also used it in conjunction with another ‘colon product’  as outlined in my update below but this may not have been necessary. I have just ordered another 3Mo supply, just in case ‘they’ return! at least I know it will work.

Thanks for reading.

 Click here for - The Official Venapro Website



**(Updated – 22nd April 2014)**

Doing my own research on this subject, quite a few people recommended a ‘colon detox’ treatment to use before/during using Venapro or any other hemorrhoid treatment for that matter…it makes sense really.

It is also a herbal, ‘non aggressive’ product. I have tried this product & was very impressed; it is like an internal detox & is recommended as something else that compliments the Venapro treatment.

I would recommend using this 1st to get your colon & digestive system ‘prepared’, it then makes the Venapro treatment even more effective. I have been impressed & all is well in my World, I am glad that I got 3 month’s supply just in case they come back or if I feel they are about to…always good to have a safety net!!

BOWTROL COLON CLEANSER: – Herbal colon cleanser which relieves constipation & stops bloating & gas – More Info HERE


Please feel free to look around this website for other articles that maybe of interest. Such articles include:  ‘The 7 Dietary Secrets your Hemorrhoids don’t want you to know’ & ‘Hemorrhoids – Are YOU making them Worse?’



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voucher venapro money offMost shopping experiences, especially online, now comprise of finding what we want; then we look at how cheap we can get it.

- we have become a ‘Money Off Society’ ! – & I include myself in this.

So given that I have already purchased Venapro; for my own peace of mind & for you reading this - I wanted to see if there really was any genuine Venapro Coupon codes or Venapro Bonus codes available?

Whenever I want to purchase anything over $50 or more – I will often have a Google search for some sort of money off code or bonus code – what this tends to uncover is a glut of Voucher sites that ‘tease’ you with a discount, something like 20% off or free P&P etc…..BUT

…..& there is always a BUT – you have to sign up to their subscriber list to get the code!! – & 98% of the time, the code then rarely  exists, works or it is just out of date !

Well all this got me thinking about Venapro Coupon codes or Venapro Bonus offers or indeed Venapro Vouchers !!

I was 95% sure I already knew the answer to my question (as I remember looked before I initially bought it myself) but I did some more research & looked at all the various websites/YouTube video’s that claim to be offering an Venapro Bonus – or Venapro Money Off code – & guess what !?

They Just DO NOT Exist. At All.

I was quite glad if I am honest. There is nothing worse than buying something & then find out soon after that there is a money off code floating around on the internet!!

The company that produces Venapro work on the principle that the:

 “The More You Buy – The More You Save”

So all the website/YouTube video’s you see saying that there is various discount available are  not doing you a favour! – this is what is on offer anyway! This sort of thing REALLY bug’s me & is why I have added this page to my website review.

My main review page you can see all the prices & the discount available & here they are again:

1 Month’s Supply  - $39.95  

3 Month’s Supply (2  + 1 Free) – $79.95          - 34% Saving

6 Month’s Supply (4 + 2 Free) - $119.95        - 50% Saving

So as you can see – yes discounts for Venapro are available – BUT they are available from the company as a reward for buying more!! – nothing else – nothing to do with anyone on the internet having a secret stash or a special code !!!

In fairness the discounts I feel are pretty good, my guess, if you are like myself, that most people will go for the 3 months supply (1 month just doesn’t seem enough as it’s a natural remedy & not a Dr prescribed ‘aggressive’ solution)… & natural stuff takes time to work.

That is what I did & then I have recently ordered another 3 months to go in the bathroom cupboard as a ‘safety net’ in case they ever return! Call me paranoid! But also call me prepared !

VERDICT:coupon venapro

So, as suspected:

There is no such thing as a Venapro Coupon Code
There is no such thing as Venapro Promo Code
There is no such thing as a Venapro Voucher Code
There is no such thing as a Venapro Bonus Code

There is, however, a way to get an Venapro Discount & that is by going direct to their website & buying more! Simple & I feel fair.

Official Link to  - ‘Venapro’ Official Website




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