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Venapro – Hemorrhoid Cure? – My Honest Review

**Updated – 22nd February 2015 – It has worked for me & have just ordered some more as a backup, just in case they ever come back. I have updated the review below accordingly**


Click This Link –  Official Website + Free Shipping …..& Then Close It ! – A Pop up then appears & you get Free Shipping – Simple !!!

Venapro Reviews

Worried about your hemorrhoids? Need to get it sorted?

I am guessing you are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

Want to find out more?

It has been around for quite some time, so as someone that suffers, I thought I should give it a closer look & see for myself if what I had read was true. So I bought it & here is my findings.


What Is It?

Does Venapro WorkIt is an all natural and very unique hemorrhoid product that treats the problem from a very different angle than the normal treatments.

If like me, you have had hemorrhoids before, then you may have tried some of the over the counter treatments that are available, none of which actually work to prevent hemorrhoids or to stop them from coming back. I wanted to find out if this was true.

Venapro claims you will be able to get rid of the immediate problem….but also stop them from coming back in the future.

The product is available online & the Co ships pretty much Worldwide (click a link to take you to their page & check the drop down box for your location).


What Does Venapro Cost?

There is nothing worse than a review that gives no costs!…..or a landing page for a product where you have to enter your details to find this out!

So with that in mind, I am in a position to let you know the costs exactly, as I took a note when ordering! I personally went for the 3 month’s supply initially.

1 Month’s Supply (1 Bottle) – $39.95    

3 Month’s Supply (2 Bottles + 1 Free) – $79.95      – 34% Saving

6 Month’s Supply (4 Bottles + 2 Free) – $119.95    – 50% Saving

All these prices are available direct from the Official Website



How Does Venapro Work?

Or, Does it work? I would imagine is the better question, but I’ll get onto that:

It is a two-part program:

Part 1 – It starts with a colon supplement. These are in tablet form & contain various all natural ingredients in order to promote your colon’s health.

Part 2 – An Oral homeopathic spray. It just squirts under your tongue so it can be taken with you and used anywhere. This helps to treat the symptoms of pain, itching, bleeding, and swelling, they claim you will notice a difference very quickly.

The list of ingredients in both these products are all natural & all have proven to work, and in many cases they have been used to help treat hemorrhoids for hundreds of years.

Here are a list of some of ingredient’s in this 2 Step System:

Arnica Montana, Fluoride of Lime, St. Mary’s Thistle, Witch Hazel & Horse Chestnut + other herbal extracts.


What Others Are Saying

Like a lot of these type of online products, the sales pages come with various testimonials….now call me a cynic, I never really take much notice of them (I have included some below in case you do). I like to look around & find out more for myself…..which I guess is another reason you are reading this.

I always start with a Google search & look for various websites that I know & ‘listen to’, this is a good place to collate the reviews available. So this is what I have done & the results are below.

Like a lot of people, I just assumed that a remedy would be found in Dr prescribed medicine, suppositories & ointments, this is often the case….BUT also, like a lot of people, I find these solutions to be ‘aggressive’…..& wanted to find a ‘safe’ & ‘natural’ alternative.

Venapro is ‘safe & natural’ & the following are what I found people had to say about it (the 1st few are the Co’s own testimonials that I was talking about). Here are some other Venapro reviews to read that back up my personal experience:

“I have had terrible itching and pain for weeks, but Venapro was the solution for me. This really works like it said.”  Steven, CA 

 “Out of all the hemorrhoid products I have taken, I would have to say that this has really worked the best. There are no side effects and it has prevented further outbreaks.”   Victor, FL 

“I don’t usually think that natural products work all that well, but I was wrong with this one. I am really pleased with how it got rid of the itching and pain.”  – Leonard, NC

“It works! I am so pleased I can’t tell you….” – Jerry (AKA – Me) – 22nd March 2014

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Where Should You Buy Venapro From?

Make sure you get the genuine product, buy it direct, here is the link I used to their website – The Official Website.

I have made sure all the links on this page take you to the page that I ordered from.

Like many Co’s, they offer ‘packages’ where the more you buy, the more discount/freebies you receive. Just see the section above where I have collated all the pricing options. Like I said, I went for the 3 month supply when I ordered.

where to buy venapro

Going via the official website will also qualify you for the ‘Money Back Guarantee‘. Hopefully, you won’t need it but at least you will know it is there.

For those of you a bit embarrassed about this condition, all products are dispatched in plain brown packaging, stamped with ‘Ultra Herbal’ & a return address.


Are There Venapro Side Effects?

It claims to be 100% safe & I personally had no issues when I started using it. Looking at the various reviews online I didn’t find any that highlighted issues either.

Venapro Hemorrhoid Formula and Colon Cleanse are all-natural, with no artificial chemicals, there are no known side effects for these products.

Due to this, you can also use it alongside ‘conventional’ hemorrhoid medicines/ointments if you wish, which will further aid the relief of the symptoms & enhance the chances & speed of a cure. This I thought was a massive advantage.

It claims to start working within 5 days.

Because this is not a topical treatment you are not required to apply anything directly onto your hemorrhoids, you can utilize both stages whenever and wherever you want.


My Venapro Reviews VERDICT:

It Works – That is my personal reviews and findings.

 It is 100% safe, uses natural ingredients & has undertaken clinical trials which show it  be highly effective. 

The 2 step treatment helps give relief without the need to apply anything directly to the Hemorrhoids & if you want the ‘Full on Attack’, you can still use ‘traditional’ Hemorrhoid treatments at the same time.Venapro Bottle

So a double attack with the added advantage of Venapro ability to stop them coming back….something the traditional solutions do not offer. I have started to use it & will update here as to how I got on. (Update – 22nd Feb 2015) – It has worked for me & I also used it in conjunction with another ‘colon product’  as outlined in my update below but this may not have been necessary. I have just ordered another 3Mo supply, just in case ‘they’ return! at least I know it will work.

Thanks for reading.

 Click here for – The Official Venapro Website


NB: Don’t forget the *FREE Shipping* trick as outlined at the top of the page!

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Update – 22nd August 2014

Doing my own research on this subject, quite a few people recommended a ‘colon detox’ treatment to use before/during using the above or any other hemorrhoid treatment for that matter…it makes sense really.

It is also a herbal, ‘non-aggressive’ product. I have tried this product & was very impressed; it is like an internal detox & is recommended as something else that compliments the reviewed treatment.

I would recommend using this 1st to get your colon & digestive system ‘prepared’, it then makes the hemorrhoid treatment even more effective. I have been impressed & all is well in my World, I am glad that I got 3 month’s supply just in case they come back or if I feel they are about to…always good to have a safety net!!

BOWTROL COLON CLEANSER: – Herbal colon cleanser which relieves constipation & stops bloating & gas. This can aid the working of Venapro. More Info HERE


Please feel free to look around this website for other articles that may be of interest. Such articles include:  ‘The 7 Dietary Secrets your Hemorrhoids don’t want you to know’ & ‘Hemorrhoids – Are YOU making them Worse?’

All the other articles can be found here – Hemorrhoid & Piles Articles.

Follow this link if you are interested in the best Venapro Reviews


Suggested Further Reading if you are affected by Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids – Wikipedia
Hemorrhoid Overview – WebMD
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Piles (haemorrhoids) – UK NHS
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The Hemorrhoid Relief Clinic – Colon Care Part 1Colon Care Part 2 & Colon Care Part 3

As you will read in other articles on this site, the subject of hydration is exceptionally important.

If you are in anyway unaware of this fact (I’m not sure how you could be!!), then below are 2 very interesting videos all about how important drinking plenty of water is & what happens in the digestion process from start to finish.



Jerry Free
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Venapro, Hemorrhoids, Hints, Tips plus a YouTube Video

venaproIf you suffer from Hemorrhoids (or Piles) then I am guessing you will have researched all sorts of remedies whether they are natural or over the counter.

Hemorrhoids can really be a pain in the….

I won’t finish that sentence as you know where I was going with it!!

As you will be aware I have championed Venapro for quite some time and my personal Venapro Review was sitting high up in Google and helping people. That was ruined by someone and I disappeared!

For that reason I stopped adding content to my site. Seemed little point.

Anyway, after some soul searching I have decided to just get on with it. I enjoy having a little website; even if it is about Hemorrhoids, Venapro and my Venapro Review.

So here is my first post in quite some time.

I thought I would do a bit of everything in this ‘Welcome Back’ Post.

To kick us off, here are a few of my favourite tips when it comes to dealing with Hemorrhoids:


Try Witch Hazel

Witch hazel can be used to relieve hemorrhoid pain.

This is an astringent, and it works by shrinking the tissue around the hemorrhoids. This, in turn, will promote healing of the area and pain relief. You can add witch hazel in a sitz bath. You can also apply it using a cotton ball, but only leave it on for about 10 minutes.


Easy On The Laxatives

When dealing with hemorrhoids, do not become dependent on laxatives to ward off constipation.

While laxatives can help in a pinch, they are meant for infrequent use. If you are having trouble with bowel movements, consider making diet changes to even things out.


My *TOP TIP* – Drink Plenty Of Water !

Drink an adequate amount of water each day – 2 litres – 8 glasses etc etc – Just DRINK WATER !!

This is the best way to prevent hemorrhoids from developing. Staying hydrated is important, because constipation is a cause of hemorrhoids. Water also flushes out your system, clearing out toxins.


Try Something Like Venapro

Sorry – I couldn’t resist.

I have used it and it worked. Why wouldn’t I try and encourage others to just buy Venapro and give it a try! That was how and why  I started this website and then it got to bit a bit like an addiction. It is a great feeling helping others. I get a kick out of it.

If you want to learn more about Venapro, check my review on this website or just buy it here – Venapro – Official Online Shop


Stop Reading On The Toilet

I used to love doing this.

My own private time with me, a paper and my thoughts. No more for me now!

Avoid siting down on the toilet for extended periods of time to wait for a bowel movement. This is not recommended because you could be straining unconsciously. Be sure your urge to go is already present when you sit down, as gravity can also have an effect on hemorrhoids.


Okay, so there are a few of my favourite tips, I had to get Venapro in there but like I said I can’t help myself knowing what I know and having suffered what I’ve suffered.

So onto a video I found.

It was my wife that told me; alas she is also aware of my vague obsession with Venapro.

It was from a website called It is like a review site for all sorts of things, my wife has checked their reviews quite often & she seems to like the woman that runs it – Kathy Taylor.

Anyhow, she has released a Venapro video on YouTube. I like it as it shows the costs of Venapro in it (like my Venapro Review did). So many other people just don’t bother. Anyway, here is the video:

Okay, so that is it for me. I have given you a few of my favourite tips, got to mention Venapro a few times and have given a plug for a website that my wife likes. That’s not bad going is it?

In case you are interested, click here for – Official Website of Venapro


As always, thanks for reading – Jerry Free


Article Name
Venapro, Hemorrhoids, Hints, Tips plus a Venapro Video
If you suffer from Hemorrhoids then I am guessing you will have heard or come across Venapro. This post is a 'bit of everything' on this subject!


The 7 Dietary Secrets That Your Hemorrhoids Don’t Want You To Know…

Like a lot of  health issues, hemorrhoids appear on the ‘outside’ but are reflective of something that is wrong on the inside.

There are some factors which contribute to hemorrhoids that are pretty unavoidable such as pregnancy and working a desk job, but there are also some factors that can be reduced through lifestyle adjustments.

Although there are many different factors that increase your risk of suffering from hemorrhoids, they mostly include things that increase pressure on the abdomen.

One of the biggest contributors to this is constipation.

Although this is not fun to talk about, it is important that you are aware of it if you are a chronic sufferer of this condition.

Constipation is one of the contributing factors to hemorrhoids that can be avoided and improved by a combination of a supplement to improve colon health and diet adjustments.


Does Diet Affect Hemorrhoids?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Your diet can affect your hemorrhoid condition more than you thought possible.

Because constipation is such a large contributing factor to hemorrhoid issues, one way to improve this condition is to make lifestyle adjustments which will improve digestion and reduce constipation- particularly changed to your diet.

By adding some foods to your daily routine, as well as a colon health and hemorrhoid treatment supplement, you can reduce or eliminate constipation and improve your hemorrhoid condition.


Dietary Secret # 1 – Increase Your Fluid Consumption

Consuming the right amount of fluids on a daily basis is a great way to prevent hemorrhoids.

Drinking a lot of fluids reduces or eliminates constipation and diarrhea. All fluids are not made equal, so you need to make sure that the majority of those that you consume are:


Pure Fruit Juices

Fluids found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ideally, your goal should be to consume at least eight glasses of water a day (about 2 litres).

Here is a short video about the effects on the body by dehydration. There is nothing about hemorrhoids as they seem pretty trivial compared to the other effects. You should watch this regardless.

Dietary Secret #2 – Avoid Caffeinated Beverages

Caffeinated beverages are one fluid that you want to avoid if you are a chronic sufferer (e.g. Tea, Coffee, Cola & Stimulating Sports Drinks)

Beverages that contain caffeine can actually dehydrate you, which can lead to constipation and further irritation of your hemorrhoids.

Replace caffeinated beverages like coffee with fresh fruit juice, which will also give you a boost of energy in the morning but will keep you hydrated.

Herbal Teas, although not to everybody’s tastes are also a good replacement….if in doubt or you can’t make up your mind, stick to water. There are so may other benefits to drinking water above & beyond the links with Hemmorrhoids.

We’re not stupid…a lot of people cannot get through the day without numerous hits of coffee/tea so there are 2 simple solutions that may help.

Firstly drink less, just cut a few cups out per day, it doesn’t need to be many to start, but it all helps.

Secondly, if you drink less or not, every time you have a cup of tea/coffee, drink the equivalent amount of plain water before you are allowed another cup of tea/coffee.


Dietary Secret # 3 – Increase Your Consumption of Whole Grains

One of the most important things that you can do to encourage regular bowel movements is to increase your fiber consumption.

One of the best sources of fiber is found in foods with whole grains. Adding more whole grains to your diet is a simple lifestyle adjustment to make in your daily life.

Switch out any white bread and pasta in your home for the whole wheat or whole grain options. You will come to enjoy the taste perhaps even better. If you can’t bear to be without your white bread, go for one of the 50/50 loafs you can get where it is still white but has 50% equivalent of wholegrain in it.

Whole grain has a ton of advantages over white bread products, including a lower sugar content.  This is not only good for your general health, it will also improve digestion and possibly your hemorrhoid condition.


Dietary Secret # 4 – Increase your Consumption of Legumes

Legumes such as split peas, lentils, and various beans are extremely high in fiber (e.g. Kidney beans, Butter beans, Cannellini beans)

Adding these things to your diet can also improve digestion and prevent or help with hemorrhoids.


Dietary Secret # 5 – Increase Your Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Fruits and vegetables are not only rich in fiber, they also contain fluids, so they help with digestion and hemorrhoids in two different and essential ways.

One healthy and easy way to really increase your fruit and vegetable consumption is through juicing. Juicing is an extremely healthy habit to incorporate into your daily life.

It is not only a very easy way to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption, it will also allow your body to absorb the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants contained in these foods. It will improve your digestion as well as numerous other health problems.

If you do decide to go the juicing route, there is one downside in that it removes the fiber from the fruits and vegetables so only do this if you are sure that you are getting enough fiber from other sources.

If you do increase your intake of vegetables, try streaming them instead of boiling. They are much better from a nutritional point of view (most of the vitamins & minerals disappear into the water when boiling) which is a good thing regardless but they will tend to be firmer which aid digestion. On a side issue, they just taste better!


Dietary Secret # 6 – Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Sorry! This is one ‘secret’ I don’t much care for…..I enjoy my glass of red in an evening!

Alcohol is one thing that you could be including in your diet that actually very well may be contributing to your hemorrhoid problem.

Alcohol causes the body to become dehydrated. This can undo the benefits of many of the foods mentioned above by causing constipation.

A potential aid if you can’t give up the booze, is to adopt the same regime that we have proposed for the big coffee drinkers amongst us….drink water in between alcoholic drinks.


Dietary Secret # 7 – Take A Fiber Supplement

If you have tried adding more fiber rich goods into your diet and are still having digestion problems, or are having a hard time including enough fiber rich foods into your diet, you can also take a fiber supplement.

There are products on the market that contain a full serving of fiber and they generally come in the form of bars and cereal. This can be a quick and easy way to be sure that you are getting the right amount of fiber on a daily basis.

If you are like me & wary of just taking loads of supplements then before you go down this road it maybe worth watching this YouTube vid of someone describing all the foods that are high in fiber – it’s only 2 minutes long & you may stumble across something that you weren’t aware was good in that department e.g. I didn’t realise that nuts were high in fiber – I always thought they were high in ‘good fats’.


Want To Investigate Other Solutions?

Your diet is just one of many avenues which will affect your Hemorrhoids. We are adding new content & articles as we investigate them in the hope that we can help in some way.

One of the avenues are the various products on the market…..we mention this as we have just reviewed one of these in a previous article,  it was one of the main products that seemed to have been talked about a lot & we were interested in finding out more, click the link – Venapro Review –  to see what we discovered.

Or read some of my other articles – Hemorrhoids – Are You Making Them Worse? or Colon Health – The Basics or HOME –

Thanks for reading.





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